Discover the Best Polish Beers: A Guide to the 13 Most Popular Brews


Are you a fan of light and refreshing lagers? Or are you more of a full-bodied beer enthusiast? Whatever your brew of choice is, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste in the wide selection of Polish beers. We’ve rounded up the 13 popular Polish beers to help you pick the most suitable one.

Zubr: The Strong and Majestic Lager

Zubr means bison in English – like its namesake, this beer is strong and majestic. It starts off sweet, rounded, and smooth, with a hoppy and grassy finish. This Asian-inspired lager is overseen by Japan’s Asahi Brewing, ensuring a light and refreshing quality.

Lech: A Well-Composed Lager

Lech is a pale Lager with a well-composed taste profile offering strong malty and bitter notes. Its unique flavor comes from high-quality malted barley, natural yeast, and hops. Experience drinkers can detect a hoppy aroma and undertones of banana and apple. Lech has earned a spot at the prestigious British Brewing Industry Awards.

Tyskie: The Delightful Hoppy-Caramel Lager

Tyskie presents a delightful hoppy-caramel flavor with a ruby liquid and a long-lasting fine bubble head. The aroma of dark bread, raisins, and plums adds to its enticing appeal. Bitter undertones perfectly balance the strong malty flavors. This beer’s brewing practices date back to the 13th century, contributing to its unparalleled quality.

Perła: The Crisp and Refreshing Traditional Lager

Perła is an easy-drinking pale Lager with a crisp and refreshing flavor. Following traditional brewing methods, this Polish beer retains its unique taste and quality. Its golden hue, light body, and bitter yet smooth finish make it popular among the younger crowd seeking exciting adventures.

Żywiec: The Light and Refreshing Wheat Beer

Żywiec is a light and refreshing wheat beer with a slight sweetness and fruity scents. Its hazy, golden color is highlighted by a smooth, creamy head. This beer is a go-to choice during summer for those craving thirst-quenching brews. It offers hints of coriander, orange, and spices.

Miodowe: The Delightfully Sweet and Floral Honey Beer

Miodowe is a sweet and floral beer made with honey as an ingredient. It has a well-balanced and smooth finish. The light liquid gives a preview of the delicate flavors that await you. If you’re a fan of Radler beer, then this beer is right up your alley.

Okocim: The Classic Gem with Sweet and Earthy Flavors

Okocim is known for its easy drinkability and refreshing qualities. This classic Lager pairs well with Polish sausages, offering sweet and earthy flavors. A slight fizz welcomes you, and its medium body makes it easy to drink. The clear amber liquid has a floral scent accentuated by the smell of cereals and grains.

Zywiec Porter: The Celebratory Black Beer

Zywiec Porter is an excellent choice for celebrating the holidays. This black beer has a heavenly combination of dark smells, including chocolate, pralines, cocoa, and coffee. There is even a hint of fruit liquor, adding to the festive mood. Every sip brings notes of decadent Belgian chocolates and a sour coffee finish.

Ciechan: The Gauge for the Best Wheat Beer

Ciechan beer comes from one of the most well-known breweries in Poland. It is considered the gauge for the best wheat beer. Its heady aroma and exquisite taste stem from open fermentation. The pale yellow liquid gives off flavors of cloves and fruits, with hazelnut notes toward the end. Don’t be alarmed by the residual yeast, as it is edible in this unfiltered beer.

Polish Beers: Rich History and Unique Traditions

Polish beers have a rich history and unique brewing traditions passed down for centuries. Brewers use locally-sourced ingredients such as hops, barley, and yeast, which contribute to the beer’s distinct flavor. Each beer honors its origin region’s unique brewing traditions, resulting in beers with distinct flavors and qualities.

Pairing Polish Beers with Delicious Bar Chow

Polish beers are versatile and can be paired with a wide range of dishes. Some of the best food pairings for these beers include:

  • Polish sausages
  • Pierogi (Polish dumplings)
  • Smoked meats
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Cheeses

Choosing the Best Polish Beer

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try Polish beer for the first time, avoid going for the cheapest option, as they tend to taste watered down. Instead, opt for craft beers or any of the beers from this list. Remember to pick the one with the latest manufacturing dates, as fresher batches often taste better.

Exploring Polish Beer Styles

Lager is the most popular beer style in Poland, with most breweries producing only lagers. If you’re hunting for ales while in Poland, you might not be successful in your search. Trying out new beers from different countries is an excellent way to broaden your horizons and learn about rich histories and brewing processes.


The 13 most popular Polish beers showcased in this article represent the heritage and rich flavors of Polish brewing. When you find yourself in Poland, don’t miss the opportunity to try these unique and delicious brews.

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