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Reviewed: Gardening for the Homebrewer

Gardening for the Homebrewer By Wendy Tweten & Debbie Teashon Voyageur Press I’ve made frail attempts at gardening over the years, and in some cases, those attempts were pointed directly in the direction of my longtime homebrewing hobby. But I’ve … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Cooking with Coffee

Cooking with Coffee By Brandi Evans Skyhorse Publishing If you like coffee like I like coffee, food blogger-turned-cookbook author Brandi Evans’ new book, Cooking with Coffee: Brewing up Sweet and Savory Everyday Dishes, might be for you. This offering lays out … Continue reading

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Doppelbock: beer not to tweak

In the last few weeks, I’ve had a couple of doppelbocks tweaked by creativity: Seeyoulater, a cedar-aged offering from Boulevard Brewing Company; and Perkulator, a coffee doppelbock from Dark Horse Brewing Company. Both were good beers, enjoyable, tasty. But the … Continue reading

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Granny’s Liquor Cabinet

It’s not like Grandma Johnston is a lush. Really. She isn’t. It’s just that she makes her own booze. She also played piano at church for years and years. She knits and works puzzles. She gets her hair “done.” Let’s … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday-a stout cup of coffee

Last week I received a shipment of beer from Glenn, one of my North Carolina comrades, so today, with Thanksgiving on the horizon, we’ll be giving thanks for a couple of brews from this bounty. Thematically linked by the dark … Continue reading

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Propane and a pot-coffee roasting tweaks

If the first time I roasted with propane and a pot while sitting on a milk crate on my deck had turned out like the second time, there may not have been a second time. From my reading, I’ve identified … Continue reading

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Coffee roasting tribulations

I’m not sure what the problem is, but my second coffee roaster has bitten the dust. Yes, I read the instructions. I roast the right amount. I treat it like gold. I don’t roast too frequently. Yet, the iRoast 2 … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday-Black 47 is roasting again

After many months of not roasting my own beans, Black 47 (subsidiary of Mongrel [home] Brewing Company) is back at it. Some time ago, I burned out the motor on my Zach & Dani Coffee Roaster for the second mind-numbing … Continue reading

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