Thirsty Thursday–catching up and getting ahead

Kyle, Jimmy and I haven’t done Thursday together for several weeks, so this time, it was really a matter of catching up. Jimmy had two new homebrews I hadn’t tried and I had two he hadn’t tried. We also cracked open a bottle of Sprecher’s Black Bavarian. It smelled great, but tasted oxidized. Not a date to be found on the bottle, but I’d guess this one had been around a while. I look forward to trying this again in a fresher condition.

I didn’t take any notes, as I was brewing in an effort to get ahead. I’m scheduled to take possession of the building for my restaurant within the next few days. Once I get that building, I’ll feel bad taking a day to brew, so I’m burning the midnight oil instead: ten gallons of porter, five of which have coconut in the fermenter.

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