The Session–Tripel your pleasure

I know, I know. This month’s Session is called A Tripel for Two, but since Kyle coincidentally showed up with not one, but two tripels the other day, ours was a trio (Wilson, Kyle and Michelle) of tasting a tripel duo.

miceOur double dose started with New Belgium’s Trippel, which burst with a perfumy, lemony aroma, and then settled in for some earthy nuances in the flavor. Tart, refreshing and Good. There were about seven-point-eight percentages of alcohol involved, and you could notice their hint-hint-nudge-nudge.

We then moved on to Flying Dog’s Kerberos Tripel. The aroma here came in a restrained perfumy-creamy-spicy fashion with yeast aroused and saluting. The flavors were wonderfully zippy plays on lemon, hop-delight and fresh-cracked pepper. Oh! the delight of non-missionary position yeast! I love Belgian influence on American beer. The mouthfeel here was somewhat creamy, then dried into a nice finish, with Mr. Eight-Point-Five saying hello.

frog_lager1Great beers both, but as I ventured through this twosome, I couldn’t help but think that if melded, the sum of their parts would produce anĀ  even better beer. If I could play Frankenstein for a moment, I’d suggest taking the aroma of New Belgium and the flavor of the Flying Dog.

Or not. No sense in messing with Goodness. One of the great parts of Good Beer is the nuance and spin that each brewery develops as flavorful fingerprints. If all beer tasted the same, life would be boring. Thank goodness for character. And characterful beer.


Big thanks to Brother David, at Musings over a Pint, for hosting this month’s session. Keep on the look-out for his roundup of Session posts.

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