The Best Breweries You Never Heard Of, Part 3

[To help point brewvana readers to the delightful underdogs hiding in the shadows of craft beer’s rocket-ride into the limelight, I’ve recruited a flock of fellow beer bloggers to help me underscore some of the Awesomeness you may not have heard of…]

Throwback Brewery

By Brian Aldrich of Seacoast Beverage Lab

When Throwback launched less than a year ago, they stood out (and still stand out) above the rest of the breweries by not just sourcing their grain from local farms, but sourcing the majority of ingredients from farms in the area.

While you may think this is just a phase for this brewery, think again. This is the foundation of Throwback’s existence. Nicole and Annette put local ingredients in every beer they produce. From the local wheat in their Hog Happy Hefeweizen, to the local maple syrup in their Maple Kissed Wheat Porter, there is more hard work in every pint that goes far and beyond the brewing process.

Once more, they are tipping their caps to both stout lovers and more local farms by creating their Unafraid of the Dark Stout Series. I’m am positive this is what I have been waiting for as a stout lover, a punch card for stouts! Here is a peak at 4 of the 6 beers they made for series.

  • Wake Robin Farm Chocolate Ginger Stout
  • White Heron Chai Porter
  • Meadow’s Mirth Fennel Flower Stout
  • Brookford Farm Hidatsa Squash Porter

I enjoy watching and tasting the experiments from Nicole and Annette. The fennel stout comes from taking left over fennel flowers and trying it in a stout. One of my favorite experiments from them is their Spicy Bohemian, where they grilled Jalapenos on a grill outside their brewery and tossed them in the brew. The result is liquid nachos in the best of ways. Once they are happy with the recipe, they put it on tap and you can guarantee its going to be a solid product. While I don’t think other breweries will go full boar into local sourcing of all of their ingredients, Throwback definitely started the trend if there will ever be one.

If you have yet to visit Throwback I suggest getting a map of New Hampshire (if you are unfamiliar with the area) and stopping by for a taste and a growler fill. You can also find their bottles in some stores around town. For more information about Annette and Nicole head over to the Throwback website.

About Brian Aldrich

Seacoast Beverage Lab started in March 2010 and since then, Brian has been focused on getting people excited about the craft beer scene in the Seacoast area of the US (NH, ME). Brian co-ran the 3rd annual Portsmouth Beer Week and is the official Kate the Great Day live blogger, 2 years running. Brian’s recent experiment was attaching a live webcam to the Portsmouth Brewery to watch over the line outside of the brewery during Kate the Great Day. While Seacoast Beverage Lab is a local blog by name, Brian likes to blog about my travels and my interactions with other beverage lovers and I hope you enjoy reading about them.

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