The Best Breweries You Never Heard Of, Part 2

[To help point brewvana readers to the delightful underdogs hiding in the shadows of craft beer’s rocket-ride into the limelight, I’ve recruited a flock of fellow beer bloggers to help me underscore some of the Awesomeness you may not have heard of…]

Eagle Rock Brewery

By Sean Inman of Beer Search Party

Why is Eagle Rock Brewery under-rated? It may be that it is too young having just celebrated its second anniversary a few months back. And outside of Los Angeles, I bet not many people have heard about it. That may be because San Diego is considered the beer city to be in California or San Francisco has the food and beer cachet and history with Anchor Steam, but Eagle Rock has really kickstarted the craft beer scene in Los Angeles.

I have been following Eagle Rock Brewing from before they were brewing all the way through their initial bottling runs of their special beers like Deuce, their second anniversary Imperial Mild and Equinox, their young sour ale. They are also the proud winners of a Great American Beer Festival gold medal in the hotly contested Pro-Am category for their Red Velvet beer (which was just re-released and is tasting very good).

Eagle Rock has done brewery dinners across Los Angeles, they have trivia nights and food trucks, special beers for the last two L.A. Beer Weeks, and they have a great Women’s Forums as well as being the first production brewery in Los Angeles in over 60 years. Most of all, Jeremy, Ting, Lee and Andrew at the brewery are just really nice people who happen to make some really great beer (and they are starting to do more barrel aging too, which I am excited about!)

Here are some of their beers: Populist, Equinox, Libertine Imperial Amber Wit, Revolution XPA, Solidarity Black Mild and Manifesto Eagle Rock Wit.

About Sean Inman

I have been blogging since 2009 and covering the L.A. craft beer scene as well as my hometown of Portland and, frankly, any other beers, breweries and news that I think are cool. I also do a weekly post on and do the weekly L.A. Beer Blast that e-mails the current beer lists and events at Los Angeles craft beer bars every Thursday. I am a fan of Goses and IPAs and am glad to be living in a time with so many great beer choices.

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