Social skills

It was like an old fashioned ice cream social in the park, only we didn’t have children hand-cranking the cold stuff to keep them busy, and we had beer instead of ice cream and it took place at a brewpub.

So it was really only like an ice ream social in that it was called the Iowa Beer Social, and it was a quality excuse for socializing.

But that’s good. And so was the cause, from a beer geek’s perspective. Rock Bottom’s Eric Sorensen and I thought it made sense to have a celebrate-the-beer-drinker-of-the-year-award party, and so we invited Iowa brewers out to kill another bird and raise money for the Iowa Brewers Guild.

We ended up with twelve or thirteen special beers on hand and a nine or ten breweries from all around the state. Mike Gauthier’s Vindication (rum-barreled quad) from Court Avenue Brewing Company (pictured above) stood out for me, as did the chocolatey goodness of Raccoon River’s Rio Arriba Porter and Millstream’s Chocolate Schokolade (double chocolate in dos languages). I liked the Olde Main’s Shillilagh Irish Red for its I’d-be-good-to-drink-while-you-stand-around-and-smoke-brisket-all-day qualities as well as as well as the I’m-really-drinkable-for-nine-percent-and-99-IBUs sensation of Great River’s HopApotamus Rye Pale Ale.

Fun times and good crowd. You shoulda been there. Big thanks to all the brewers for taking time out of their Sunday to be a part of one of my little schemes.

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  1. Matt says:

    It was a good time! And the Vindication was amazing. Somehow I still have never tried the Schokolade and once again I walk away having not as I was trying to enjoy as much of the the Vin as I could at such an amazing deal.

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