Selden: ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’

“I am never satisfied.”

-Will Ferrell as Chaz Michael Michaels, “Blades of Glory”

33BOOKS_BEERS_LUNAR_COVER_1024x1024Dave Selden of 33 Books calls his Lunar Eclipse Special Edition of 33 Bottles of Beer “a design idea I feel I’ve probably taken way, way too far,” but I beg to differ. Selden is the Chaz Michael Michaels of the design world, and this new project is really just another example of this beer-loving artist flexing his ample creative muscle.

As if the original journal wasn’t clever enough in massaging the beer nerd toward recording and evaluating his or her beery conquests in a new and experimental fashion, this limited edition version takes us to deeper, darker places for beery interludes.

Released in time for the September 27 lunar eclipse, Selden’s latest fruit in a long line of tasting journals, kits, and posters has been printed black on black. It utilizes black staples, and the finished product has aged in a retired beer/whiskey barrel. The cover ink has been boosted with a portion of a 2009 barrel-aged stout, and the whole two-journal shebang is housed in a resealable mylar package (to preserve aroma) with a glow-in-the-gosh-darn-dark label. It suffers from cool-overload, but what are you going to do?

This journal is intended for “big stouts and the movement of celestial bodies,” but I don’t think Selden will begrudge what you insert into its pages or whether you do it in the night or broad daylight. However, this you must keep in mind: there are only 500 copies in existence. I have Number Nine, and am very much satisfied with my marching orders: drink a big stout on September 27 (and record it).

Having said all that, it’s worth noting that while I groove on all this creativity and nuance, my grandma would have had a hell of a time reading the back cover with all its snazzy attack of black. But this ain’t your grandma’s beer journal. And I find that very satisfying.

FTC disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher.

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