Reviewed: Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition

I’ve played around with dry-hopping whiskey at home, so when Jameson offered to send me a bottle of their Caskmates IPA Edition Whiskey, I couldn’t resist.

Aged in barrels which had previously held IPA from a neighboring brewery, this dram carries a fruity, herbal hop presence in both the aroma and flavor.The IPA Edition follows Jameson’s previously-released Stout Edition.

In the nose, I find the hops wafting delicately over vanilla, oak, oatmeal cookies and alcohol. The herbal hop notes carry through to nuance the smooth, clean Jameson flavor, which is a frosted mirror of its aroma attributes, with hints of caramel and spice thrown in to the mix.

Whether your preferences lean toward beer or whiskey, this offering is a fun, cross-drinking change of pace.

Parting question: will it skunk in this green bottle?

FTC disclaimer: I received a sample of this whiskey for free from the distillery.

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