Reviewed: Cooking with Coffee

1 cooking w coffeeCooking with Coffee

By Brandi Evans

Skyhorse Publishing

If you like coffee like I like coffee, food blogger-turned-cookbook author Brandi Evans’ new book, Cooking with Coffee: Brewing up Sweet and Savory Everyday Dishes, might be for you.

This offering lays out a basic history of the tasty bean, as well as roasting, brewing, and flavor pairing information before shifting into the lion’s share of the book: the recipes. Evans offers a number of recipes for breakfast items, coffee creamers, drinks/smoothies, sauces, savories, and snacks.

The tone of the writing and the cursive fonts used for the introductions to each recipe section are not targeted to an aging, tattooed curmudgeon like me, but others will enjoy its bounce as much as the recipes.

The photography is inconsistent (some are dark and not particularly flattering for the food while other photos are quite good). This has been my discovery with other Skyhorse offerings of late, and I’ll blame the publisher on this. Cooking with Coffee doesn’t get too deep into the world of coffee, but it does offer a collection of appetizing recipes and may be worth a look for the coffee drinker looking to experiment with this ingredient elsewhere in their kithen.

FTC disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher.

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