Reviewed: Bourbon Curious

Bourbon CuriousBourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker

By Fred Minnick

Zenith Press

When I was in high school and college, I very purposely stayed away from smoking weed. Figuring I’d probably like it, I steered clear. For the most part, I’ve approached hard liquor with this same strategy (and admittedly because of an ill-fated early encounter with tequila). While I can afford a ten-dollar six-pack of good beer now and again, I’ve simply allowed the expense of higher end booze to divide me from a deep relationship with whiskey and other spirits. We’ve crossed paths. I quite like it. But broadly, I restrain myself. I can’t afford another expensive hobby.

Despite my noble efforts to protect both my liver and my wallet, I am certainly “bourbon curious.” And that’s where Fred Minnick’s well-named book on the topic comes in. A guy with the affliction of curiosity—how does he get savvy when he decides he wants to? This book is ideally suited for this task.

Laying out his depth of knowledge in the bourbon realm in an easy to follow, non-pretentious manner, Minnick covers bourbon history, legend, and politics. He covers ingredients, distillation, and aging. He offers a tasting tutorial and a run-down of bourbons falling into four categories to guide new bourbon tasters to renditions that might best suit their palate: grain-forward, nutmeg-forward, caramel-forward, and cinnamon-forward.

Bourbon Curious is informative without feeling overwhelming. Minnick glows expertise onto the page without talking down to the reader. If you are curious about bourbon, I’d highly recommend mining Minnick’s latest release. It’s a hundred-proof effort packed with useful backstory and tips for a savvy drinking future for those ready to make the leap.

FTC disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher.

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