Reviewed: Apples to Cider

Apples to Cider: How to Make Cider at Home

April White with Stephen Wood

Quarry Books, 2015

Written in collaboration with cider maker Stephen Wood, April White’s Apples to Cider: How to Make Cider at Home offers an unintimidating foray into the art of cider making.

In addition to background information on cider history, styles, apples, and a tasting tutorial, Apples to Cider walks the budding cider maker through their first batch of hard cider. Since minor problems can afflict those new to any hobby, the book discusses diagnosing common issues, as well as ways of correcting and preventing them.

Short vignettes from Wood do a lot to take away any apprehension a new cider maker might possess. He discusses his orchard, his facility, tasting tips, and learning from setbacks in a way that melts worry. Problems will arise, but they’re not always a huge deal. A little farmhouse funk absolutely has a place in an agricultural nectar such as cider, and says Wood, something can be done with the batches that skew “off.” Sometimes, those problems can simply be embraced as a learning experience.

Both White and Wood write in a clean, accessible style that makes all facets of that one important element—the apple—even easier to grasp in consideration of taking it one step further. With full color photography, equipment and ingredient lists, and “next steps” after one has their first batch or two under their belt, Apples to Cider proves an accessible first look at making cider at home.

FTC disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher.

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