DIY Illuminator Doppelbock

I don’t know if you’ve been imagining it or not, but as you might imagine people ask me for that Illuminator Doppelbock recipe quite a lot. I tend to respond with, “It’s probably on the blog there somewhere,” or “I might have put it in the book,” but that’s turning out to be a fat lot of rubbish, though I wasn’t ever fibbing when I said those things. How could I not have shared that info at some point?

In any case, here’s a five-gallon rendition of the beer I fasted on during Lent last year:

Illuminator Doppelbock


  • 10# Munich
  • 6.5 # Vienna
  • 1 # Caramunich
  • .5 # Carapils
  • 4 oz. Carafa III (at recirc)
  • Zeus (or Columbus or Tomahawk) (.25 oz. for 75 min)
  • Liberty (or Mt. Hood) (1.6 oz. for 20 min.)
  • Wyeast 2308 Munich Lager


  1. Mash 60 minutes at 158F.
  2. Boil 90 minutes.
  3. Primary at 45-50F for 2 weeks; Secondary 2 weeks; D-rest 3 days. Lager 4 weeks.
  4. (OG: 1.081)

When we did the commercial rendition, we adjusted the color with Sinimar, but this recipe accounts for that. This year, we made a few changes, but I’m not feeling like math right now. This is yummy, so just go with the original!

Prost to the most!


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