Illuminator V

For the fifth year in a row, Eric Sorensen of Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewing in West Des Moines and I tapped our Lenten collaboration beer, Illuminator Doppelbock.

Brewed on Jan. 7, this year’s version (we’ve played around with the recipe each year) of our award-winning beer was little changed from the basic grain bill used last year (Munich, Vienna, melanoidin, Carafa III and a touch of acidulated malt), though we lowered the ABV to right about seven percent (how do you like the way I utilized parenthesis three times in one sentence?).

Blazingly packed with bread and dark fruit, last year’s 8.5 percent offering almost felt too big, and if I were a little golden-haired (21-year-old) girl checking stuff out in a cottage, I think this year’s offering is awfully close to “just right” for what I look for in a doppelbock.

Again this year, we’ve managed to procure whiskey barrels for aging, so be on the lookout for the Barrel Reserve Illuminator V in a few months.

Wanna learn more about this beer or the history of the doppelbock style of beer? Check out my book, Diary of a Part-Time Monk.

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