I call it Dunkel Kyle

My brother-in-law Kyle is not dark, but he is a pretty good unkel to my kids, so to commemorate his good unkelness, I decided to name my well-massaged Munich Dunkel after him.

I call it Dunkel Kyle.

Here’s how you can get your own:

Dunkel Kyle Munich Dunkel


  • (5 gal.)
  • 10 # Munich
  • 1 # Caramunich II
  • 8 oz. Melanoidin
  • 2 oz. Carafa III
  • .5 oz. Nugget (60 min.)
  • .5 oz. Liberty (30 min.)
  • Yeast 2308


  1. Mashed at 144F. Fermented at 54F
  2. OG: 1.058

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