Honey Score!

For my day job recently, I wrote a feature about a local beekeeper, Dray Walter of Back 40 Bees.

Dray (pictured right) liked the idea of mead so much that he tossed some honey my way so I could get a batch started. I’ve talked about getting into mead for years, so this encounter with Dray was a welcome kick in the backside, because this will help me produce something special that is in line with Michelle’s new gluten-free status and because I have a local source for free honey.

Last night, I set aside the time to put my first batch into the fermenter. What a good day! Dray provides the honey, I make the mead, and we both enjoy the fruit of the bees labor.

Do you know your local beekeeper? As I found, it may pay off to introduce yourself.

Do you have a great mead recipe? I wouldn’t turn down any advice you sent my way.

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2 Responses to Honey Score!

  1. Phill Farrant says:

    Hi, I recently made some mead, I got the recipe of the internet, google “joes ancient orange mead” It turned out fantastic and it is really simple to make, great for a first timer.
    There is also a thread on the aussiehomebrewer forum discussing it if you want to know more.

  2. Eric says:

    You gonna Mash/Vorlauf/Sparge those honey combs?

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