Drinking Pants Hall of Fame

Jeff Bagby reacts with a catwalk selfie after his 2017 induction into the Drinking Pants Hall of Fame. Photo by Paige Kleckner

We are delighted to announce the plaid-clad and stripe-type of inspiring wardrobe artists who were inducted into the inaugural class of the Drinking Pants Pageant Hall of Fame on June 22, 2017.

Bringing changes to the way we dress, these pants-heroes will rock you and bring both delight to your heart and delicious beer onto your palate.


The Class of 2017:

Whether you’re a spectator or a particiPANT, join us during Des Moines Beer Week at Wooly’s in the East Village of Des Moines for a glorious night of pints, peace, and pants!

May David and Freddie rest in peace.

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