Drinking Pants Pageant follow-up

Screenshot 2016-07-06 14.52.09

Not gonna lie. Life’s gotten away from me.

In an effort to take it back, please indulge the above screen shot (my all-time favorite of my television appearances to date) from this news broadcast about our inaugural #DrinkingPants Pageant on June 20 in Des Moines.

Long story short, the Pageant was great. Originally conceived as a way to promote the DrinkingPants hashtag, it’s sorta morphed in my mind to be an avenue toward world peace. You know, better living through pants.

Gloom Balloon performed with intensity, we showcased beer from Peace Tree and Ballast Point, and a raucous group of beer/pants lovers took to the catwalk for a fun show. If you weren’t there, you missed the beginning of something so, so wonderful, but fret not; we’ll be back for round two next year. Pants up and join us!

Full photo album on the Des Moines Beer Week Facebook page here.

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