Does Hydro Flask really perform?

IMG_3333In a word, yes.

I’ve heard about how impressive Hydro Flask growlers are, and after a recent conversation with one of the sales representatives at the Craft Brewers Conference last week, I received a complimentary 16-ounce True Pint to test drive. According to Hydro Flask’s website, their products are made of 18/8 pro grade stainless steel and utilize TempShieldTM  technology. The growlers are said to keep cold beer cold for up to 24 hours and hot beverages hot for up to six hours. They’re BPA-free and carry a lifetime warranty.

I figured the stainless steel container would do better that your everyday glass shaker pint, but how much better?

Starting with water chilled to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and utilizing a high quality digital thermometer, I compared performance of the True Pint to a shaker pint, an Imperial pint, and a dimpled mug. After 20 minutes in an ambient room at 70 degrees, the temperature of the water in the Hydro Flask True Pint had raised by a half-degree. I checked the other glasses and found that the shaker had already warmed 6.4 degrees, the impy pint had increased 4.9 degrees, and the dimpled mug had raised 5.7 degrees. I’d expected the thicker walled dimpled mug to outperform the other “regular” glassware, but it looked as though the slightly higher volume of the Imperial pint helped to preserve temperature.

After a full hour, the performance of the Hydro Flask became even more impressive. While the impy raised by 12.8 degrees, the dimpled mug raised by 14.7 degrees, and the shaker pint raised 14.9 degrees, the True Pint from Hydro Flask only allowed a temperature increase of 1.4 degrees.

I was impressed.

It occurred to me that I had another useful test I could administer. I also possess a double-walled, stainless steel coffee cup and a single-walled, stainless steel drinks shaker. I conducted the same test without lids, and found the same 1.4 increase for the True Pint after an hour. The coffee cup lost only a 2.7 degree loss and the single-walled shaker lost 10.6 degrees.


As I’m inclined to drink a beer or two while grilling burgers or smoking bellies, the thought of not only a drinking vessel that holds a cold temperature such as this, and is an opaque protector against the skunky mercaptic reaction of hops and sunlight is indeed exciting.

So I’m impressed with this glass. But there’s more (and I didn’t intend to sound like a commercial just then). According to Hydro Flask, most temperature loss comes out the top, lid or no lid. This fall, Hydro Flask is releasing a new line of wares, and one of the improved features is the lid on the growlers, which is not only insulated but is also designed to better hold carbonation.

At this prospect, what am I? In a word, interested.

However, they are spendy. The True Pint is $24.95, a 20-ounce coffee mug is $27.95, and a 64-ounce growler is all of $59.95. If you’ve got the means to take this leap, I think you’ll be happy. For quite a long time.

FTC disclaimer: I received this product for free from the manufacturer.

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