Diary of a Part-Time Monk

During Lent of 2011, brewvana took on a side project to research the origin story of doppelbock, Diary of a Part-Time Monk. Exploring the legend that says German monks developed the doppelbock style of beer to sustain them during their liquid fasts during Lent, J. blogged about the experience in real time, then published the book, “Diary of a Part-Time Monk” in November of 2011.

J. chronicled his experience fasting for 46 days on his own Illuminator Doppelbock (brewed in collaboration with Eric Sorensen of Rock Bottom-West Des Moines and a FOBAB silver medal winner) and water. 

The book is available at Old Line Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as better book stores. Do us a favor and ask them to stock it.


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