Cross Drinking and Cross Learning

Not only is there good synergy in the world of craft brewers, there is also a good amount collaboration among brewers and others in beverage land.

To wit: Iowa’s Madison County Winery and Twisted Vine Brewery. For starters, the St. Charles nanobrewery is located on the premises of MCW. And over the weekend, the owners of both businesses held their third in a series of three Beer and Wine Appreciation nights. Attendees scored education on all things beer and wine, as well as samples, tours and food pairings. And me.

MCW owner Doug Bakker and TVB owners Brian Sabus and Steve Breman asked me to come talk beer and monks, so I showed up with “Diary of a Part-Time Monk,” a tale of mythbusting ancient legends and a pen for signing books. Folks made me feel welcome, asked good questions and brought book after book after book.

The two businesses have found a solid coexistence of beer and wine and this event really underscored that. The programming reflected a respect of both genres of drink and the crowd certainly appeared a blend of both worlds.

I had a great time talking and drinking both beer and wine, and am very much a fan of both businesses. Located roughly a half-hour south of Des Moines, they’re both out of the way and easy to access. Do check ‘em out.

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