Brochure boy

I’m not the poster boy  for Iowa beer, but I am, it seems, the brochure boy.

The other day I stopped by my local winery (closer than my local brewery) and picked up the new brochure from the Iowa Wine and Beer Promotion Board. It’s packed with information  and maps to Iowa’s 81 wineries and 25 breweries, and on page 10…me!

Reflecting the danger of both print and comprehensive lists, it’s hot off the presses and is already outdated, because I can think of four breweries off the top of my head that are nearing launch, one of the breweries in the brochure recently ceased production and at least five breweries aren’t listed at all.

In spite of that, it is a useful document proving that Iowa is not just a fly-over state. It’s a drive-through-and-stop-and-taste-our-kickass-beers state. We have lots of them.

<–If you’re app-y, you can go here to download the Iowa Wine and Beer Promotion Board’s mobile app (free), which will also help you find something good to drink in Iowa.

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