brewvana releases moisture-wicking VORLAUF clothing line

Better Beer Gear: VORLAUF by BREWVANA

Tired of being hot and wet in the brewhouse? Recirculate your body heat and stay comfortable with VORLAUF by BREWVANA.

“Whether you’re a homebrewer or a commercial brewery, brewing is hot and wet work,” said VORLAUF designer J. Wilson of “Brewery work shirts look cool, but they’re totally impractical. Our VORLAUF shirts keep you dry and comfortable.”

Built with moisture-wicking fabric to pull moisture away from the skin, VORLAUF beer gear will keep you cool and dry while working in a hot brewhouse. Working in the cooler as well? No problem. VORLAUF prevents hypothermia by pulling perspiration away from the skin in a cold environment, too.

Brewery work is wet—and temperatures are both hot and cold. Why wear impractical clothing? VORLAUF by BREWVANA will keep you comfortable—no matter what.

Men’s VORLAUF tees come two colors: black and white, while the ladies’ cut comes in pink. All VORLAUF tees are made from Hanes’ Cool Dry and are 100% polyester.

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2 Responses to brewvana releases moisture-wicking VORLAUF clothing line

  1. Nitch says:

    (o.0) !! I like this! Smart, smart! Get yourself some girl sizes NOT in pink and I’ll order. International shipping?

  2. J says:

    Glad you like. We’ll try to add colors down the road. All the women I talked to before ordering said pink, so that’s what I went with to start. Haven’t ruled out international shipping.

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