Brewvana chief to coordinate Iowa Brewers Guild

It seems kinda funny to write a press release about yourself, and even funnier to publish it on your very own blog, so while you can view the official version of the story here and here, I thought I’d take a moment to report this news in a slightly different voice on my own darned blog.

It’s been in discussion for a few weeks, and the type of role I’ve been interested in for much longer: starting today, I’ve assumed the position of coordinator for the Iowa Brewers Guild. The to-do list is vast, and I’m looking forward to working on behalf of all the breweries in Iowa’s growing beer scene.

A few priorities:

-growing Guild membership

-launching an Enthusiast membership program

-building on the Guild’s events

-developing educational programming (for both brewers and consumers)

-supporting the industry’s legislative interests

-more stuff that’s not flashy or even noticeable to most

A few comments from IBG President Dave Coy, who is the brewmaster at Raccoon River Brewing Company:

“J’s going to be a great asset to the Guild. We’ve grown from a small group of brewers meeting around a picnic table to an organized trade association with our first hire. It’s taken years of volunteer effort to get us to the point where we have the structure and reserve funds to allow us the luxury of a hired coordinator. Almost everyone in the brewing industry in the state is already familiar with J. He’s been an active beer blogger, traveled and met almost all of the brewers throughout the state and has written for publications centered on the beer industry. We are looking forward to his creative and knowledgeable efforts assisting the guild.”

For years now, the Guild has operated solely on the volunteer efforts of extraordinarily busy people. The IBG (and the Iowa beer scene) has come a long way, and I hope to help take Iowa beer to the next level. Look for our online presence to update and increase in the coming weeks (did you know that the Guild hasn’t tweeted since June of last year?) Soon, I’ll take over the Tweet Machine (here) and labor to keep you up-to-date on what we’ve got fermenting.

So there you have it. I’m pleased to announce it. If you’re an Iowa beer lover and looking for a way to get involved, give me a shout.

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