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GPS failure: using my resources to find beer

Just because I’m a fairly bright guy, doesn’t mean I plan ahead every time. Or have time to plan ahead every time. Yesterday, I took my uncle to the airport in Kansas City. It occurred to my busy self that … Continue reading

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Iowa Farmhouse Ale Festival

It was a modest crowd for (what I hope to be) this festival’s inaugural run, but the Iowa Farmhouse Ale Festival put on by Eric Sorensen and Rock Bottom–Des Moines was a tasty-good time. Offering 29 beers from 20 different … Continue reading

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Blow me down

Once in a while, I think of things like, Why doesn’t somebody make brown pint glasses so that my beer is better protected from the sun when I’m throwing horseshoes or manning the grill? Alas, here’s a green brown solution … Continue reading

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IOWA BEER ALERT: Iowa Beer Equality Law

Please take the time to contact ALL of the senators listed BEFORE Thursday, Feb. 4. SF 2091 was introduced into the Iowa Senate today, to help lift the abw limitations that Iowa brewers (and consumers) have to face. The amended … Continue reading

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Fantasy Draught ’09

Season Three of The Beer Mapping Project’s Fantasy Draught is wrapping up, and it’s all up to the GABF judges to see who takes the glory. Here’s my team: New Glarus Brewing Co Foothills Brewing Brewery Ommegang Victory Brewing Company … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just need to drink it

I swirl and I sniff and I taste and I think and I consider and I recall and I analyze and I could go on and on with what I do. Too much sometimes. The other day after chopping wood, … Continue reading

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Great Taste Chronicles–Part 2

The location Wisconsin is beautiful. It’s been quite some time since I read Little House in the Big Woods, and I can’t remember the motivation, but there must have been a seriously good reason for old Charles and Carolyn Ingalls … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday–Mango Wit

A few weeks back, I brewed ten gallons of wit, 5 gallons straight up, and 5 gallons fermented with mangoes, one of my favorite little fruits. This is the second time I’ve taken on such an idea. The first time … Continue reading

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Beer drinking computer genius

I relaxed. I didn’t worry. I had a homebrew. Then I did the Session over. Here ’tis. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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This is a test. In a twist of piss me off cyber-fate, my Session #4 conveniently disappeared. If that’s what you’re looking for, please check back. Someone far smarter than meĀ is going to have to assist in tracking down the … Continue reading

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