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Illuminator 2 hits the tanks

A much-needed reprieve from sitting on my butt typing words came on Wednesday. A quick look at the calendar and insight into the concept of “tank time” dictated that a certain beer was itching to spring to life. Flashback to … Continue reading

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Sad Paulaner news for the romantics in the crowd

Here’s the headline from Abendzeitung-Muenchen: Nach 377 Jahren: Paulaner verlässt die Au I cruised over to Babel Fish to score a translation because most of my German is confined to swear words. The transformation reading did by me was understandable … Continue reading

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Toaster’s choice

We recently managed an opportunity for a family and job shift, and, as usual, it made sense to pull out something special to mark the occasion. Our celebration beer at the end of our first night at the Burrito was … Continue reading

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Duck-Rabbit Memories

It’s some of that one-track mindedness, but funny the things that bring back memories. So I’m busy and rural and simply don’t watch or hear much news. This fact doth suck furiously, as Shakespeare might have said, though I don’t … Continue reading

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Top Five of ’08

I’ve been carrying around this ratty scrap of paper in my pocket for the last week or two, constantly ruminating on some of the beers I’ve most enjoyed this past year. Before my paper gets toward illegible, I must pull … Continue reading

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Batch #100

Today was batch #100, a 1.085 old ale of sorts that should be mighty good. And batch #101, as I did a second runnings beer, fortified with a little extract to get it started at 1.075. The second brew will … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday–happy day

It’s a great day for a guy like me. At 5 pm, I showed up for the city council meeting. I wore my sweet Irish hat to look all sophisticated and whatnot. That was canceled out by the part about … Continue reading

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More than 15 Things I Miss About Raleigh and NC

…in no particular order and not necessarily beer-related 1. NC breweries (especially Duck-Rabbit, Foothills, Pisgah, Green Man, Big Boss and Carolina Brewery) 2. A few beer bars (like The Raleigh Times, The Flying Saucer, Milltown and Barley’s Taproom) 3. Sam’s … Continue reading

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Beer’s been everywhere, man

“I’ve been everywhere, man Crossed the deserts bare, man I’ve breathed the mountain air, man Of travel I’ve had my share, man I’ve been everywhere” -Johnny Cash So I’m taking in a little piece of rural Americana yesterday. It’s been … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday–Kyle’s First Batch

The Good Beer Army strengthened its numbers this past week by one more as Kyle popped open the first bottle of his first batch. This knucklehead of a brother-in-law couldn’t just settle for starting out with a pale ale or … Continue reading

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