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The great fest

There are two sorts of great: that of exceptional quality and that of grand size. After my second trip to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver recently, I’ve concluded that it is both but especially the latter that describes … Continue reading

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Selden: ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’

“I am never satisfied.” -Will Ferrell as Chaz Michael Michaels, “Blades of Glory” Dave Selden of 33 Books calls his Lunar Eclipse Special Edition of 33 Bottles of Beer “a design idea I feel I’ve probably taken way, way too … Continue reading

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Reviewed: The Beer Bible

The Beer Bible By Jeff Alworth Workman Publishing Once upon a time I was in a restroom chatting with Jeff Alworth. It was a brief washing-your-hands-at-the-same-time conversation about beer, books, and publishing. I’d just finished a book, and Alworth was … Continue reading

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The Clash of Beer Festivals

The Clash of beer festivals, the Great Taste of the Midwest features over 1,000 beers from 150 Midwest breweries. While there are other fests that are larger in size, the Great Taste is quite possibly “only beer fest that matters.” … Continue reading

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Reviewed: The Umami Factor

The Umami Factor: Full-Spectrum Fermentation for the 21st Century By Robert Rivelle George Schiffer Publishing After many years of viewing adjuncts (and lagers) with disdain, many modern American craft brewers are turning to sugars long used by Belgian brewers in … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Speed Brewing

Speed Brewing: Techniques and Recipes for Fast-Fermenting Beers, Ciders, Meads, and More By Mary Izett Voyageur Press Appropriately, I started reading Speed Brewing by Mary Izett with the Introduction. Right away, I found myself wanting to interrupt, to argue, to … Continue reading

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Turner Alley adds to the Cedar Rapids beer scene

Back in 2005, Travis Scheidecker went from bartender to head brewer in the course of a staff meeting debriefing about the freshly departed brewer at Third Base Brewery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Scheidecker had lot to learn. He’d never brewed … Continue reading

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On Fred

Until April of this year, for five and a half years I worked as editor at the Adams County Free Press in Corning, Iowa. It may have been a humble weekly newspaper in a county with a population of less … Continue reading

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Des Moines Beer Week II

Ain’t it funny how time slips away? A month has elapsed since the second Des Moines Beer Week (DSMBW) brought a celebration of the Des Moines beer scene to central Iowans, and with a fair amount of press interest and … Continue reading

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Sip, Savor and Read with Brewvana during Des Moines Beer Week

Des Moines Beer Week is slated for June 14-20, and I have scheduled a trio of events I hope folks will be eager to attend. Beer and Barrels The first shindig is the release of the Barrel-aged version of this … Continue reading

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