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Look, Mom!

I’m sure my mom would be proud. I’m the featured beer blogger on Drink With The Wench today. Clicky here to learn all about me.

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Granny’s Liquor Cabinet, part 2

Every winter I take a minor sidestep from the world of beer, and usually that means knitting a batch of my Grandma Johnston’s coffee liqueur recipe. This year I finally switched it up and made her peppermint schnapps recipe, something … Continue reading

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Renovating brewvana HQ

For about two years, we’ve had this catch-all room, which has been known as “office,” “library,” “study” and “the future pub.” Being snowed in for a couple of days last week built the time into our schedule to complete the … Continue reading

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Long, lost beer friend

Sometimes a beer life is good, and sometimes a beer life gets better. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a long, lost elementary school friend a few months ago on Facebook. Imagine my delight when the dude turns out to … Continue reading

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Clarence returns

A couple of years ago I mentioned missing my good friends Heather and Paul around Halloween, as we’d always get together, take the kids trick-or-treating and have a good beer or three. Somewhere in that post or the following comments, … Continue reading

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There’s so much more to a napkin than wiping up a spill. They are pure potential. In addition to their day job, they bear good news, promise. To-do lists. Expedition plans. Phone numbers. And maps. A quickly scribbled map came … Continue reading

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Jonesing for a beer

If you’d have asked me back in junior high which teacher would have encouraged me to have a beer, or would have delighted in whatever level of expertise I may have acquired on the subject, I’ll admit to having Mrs. … Continue reading

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On Beer Y’all

The other day, out of the clear, blue sky, I was reminded of the goodness of people. One, in particular. Glenn gets mentioned from time to time in the brewvana chronicles, and here the rascal is again. But it was … Continue reading

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Skin Deep

Bone deep commitment to beer is sometimes merely skin deep. In some cases it’s downright beauty. A few weeks back I crossed paths with a dude sporting a Bud Light tattoo, as if he were pretty cool. I cringed and … Continue reading

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The Session–has made a loser out of me

Not that I don’t listen to Flogging Molly all the year long, but it is with the fo-sho-ness that the frequency of Dave King and Company grace my speakers much more in the days leading up St. Patrick’s Day. So … Continue reading

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