Beer pairings for regular folks, Part 6

My Grandpa Wilson could do more than heat up a TV dinner in the microwave, let me tell you. He could play a mean game of cribbage, shoot pool, shoot the shit and he could make gravy out of bologna drippings.

Yes, it sounds disgusting, but I couldn’t help giving it a shot in his memory, because it fit perfectly with the theme of this ridiculous series. My grandma did most of the cooking, but this is one of the things he’d do for himself when she was off quilting. I never watched him make it, there is not recorded recipe and I’ve never tasted it, so I was really throwing darts while blindfolded on this one.

The first thing I learned is that bologna doesn’t throw off much grease, so it wasn’t simply a matter of thickening it with a roux. Basically, the bologna flavored the olive oil, which is what I fried it in because I’m fancier than my gramps was. I tossed in 8 ounces of Millstream Octoberfest and went the white gravy direction with milk, flour, salt and pepper.

“No offense, Dad, but I didn’t like your gravy,” said my honest, yet polite, 12-year-old Tom.

It was fair-to-midland, I’d say, but as I suspected, Oktoberfest-style bier worked wonderfully with fried bologna. However, I’d say you’re safe just taking my word for it. Don’t bother with this one–unless you are like my gramps and really make this crap from time to time.

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