Beer Education Project reconstituted!

One of my local Good Beer Converts recently approached me about the notion of reconstituting the Beer Education Project tastings I held on a monthly basis a couple of years back. I always think about it, but needed a nudge.

Nudge delivered, Burton and I sat down to plan out a five-week Beer 101 class to be held on Thursdays this May. We’ll cover a lot of ground, from beer history, ingredients and brewing process to an overview of beer styles, misconceptions and the impact of serving temperatures on beer.

Each week will feature a beer tasting to illustrate the day’s curriculum. The parts I look most forward to are the blind tasting we’ll conduct, as well as the temperature study, both which I’ve found to be especially enlightening when talking to people about beer.

You can find the details below, as well as Burton’s and my email addresses if you’d like to sign up or have questions. We hope to see you there!

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