Awestruck by Moonstruck

It is, indeed, ridiculous that it’s taken me several years to drag myself to Bellevue, Nebraska’s Moonstruck Meadery. It’s only a little more than an hour’s drive away and with a gluten-free wife living the beer-free life, I’m simply embarrassed by my lack of honey-driven travel for my thirsty honey.

In addition to an assortment of appetizers and pizzas, Moonstruck serves up a stable of delicious meads, including Show (“regular”), Plum, Cherry, Peach, Blueberry, Blackberry, Capsumel (pepper), Hoppy, Strawberry and Cyser (apple). We tasted them all and could see why they’ve taken so many awards and had one called the best tasting mead in the world (Capsumel). Let’s talk about that one, then:

Yummy. Laced with a blend of Serrano, JalapeƱo and Anaheim chilis, this one has a fresh pepper nose without being too hot on the palate. Really well done, I’d say, but I wouldn’t sit around drinking it by the carload. The hoppy mead was hit with a combination of Hallertau and Cascade hops, and was enjoyable for a crossover beer guy like myself. I’ve got a hoppy mead of my own on tap at the house (El Dorado and Sorachi Ace in mine) and it was fun to notice the difference in the two meads.

I picked up a little oxidation in the strawberry mead, the only offering that I wouldn’t rate as wonderful. I was struck by how wonderful all the rest were, and I’d highly recommend a trip here to taste the meads at the source or to pick up a bottle at the store–I can even get them in my tiny little Iowa hamlet!

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