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Reviewed: Cooking with Coffee

Cooking with Coffee By Brandi Evans Skyhorse Publishing If you like coffee like I like coffee, food blogger-turned-cookbook author Brandi Evans’ new book, Cooking with Coffee: Brewing up Sweet and Savory Everyday Dishes, might be for you. This offering lays out … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Beer, Food, and Flavor

Beer, Food, and Flavor By Schuyler Schultz Skyhorse Publishing If there are two things I love alongside my wife, two boys, dog, coffee, hiking, music, bacon, beer, traveling, and photography, they are beer and food, and Schuyler Schultz’s expanded second … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Praise the Pig

Praise the Pig By Jennifer L.S. Pearsall Skyhorse Publishing Though the title of the book is Praise the Pig, page 34 revealed that bacon blogger turned cookbook author Jennifer Pearsall isn’t a fan of the whole animal. While loin, shoulder, … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Beer Pairing

Beer Pairing: The Essential Guide from the Pairing Pros By Julia Herz & Gwen Conley Voyageur Press A lot of books position themselves as the “essential guide” to this or that, and while some disappoint, the upcoming Voyageur Press offering … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Brew Better Beer

Brew Better Beer By Emma Christensen Ten Speed Press From the earliest days of my homebrewing obsession, I’ve constantly sought to brew better beer. To that end, I’ve read books, tasted beers, and asked a lot of questions. If you’re … Continue reading

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The great fest

There are two sorts of great: that of exceptional quality and that of grand size. After my second trip to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver recently, I’ve concluded that it is both but especially the latter that describes … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Bourbon Curious

Bourbon Curious: A Simple Tasting Guide for the Savvy Drinker By Fred Minnick Zenith Press When I was in high school and college, I very purposely stayed away from smoking weed. Figuring I’d probably like it, I steered clear. For … Continue reading

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Selden: ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’

“I am never satisfied.” -Will Ferrell as Chaz Michael Michaels, “Blades of Glory” Dave Selden of 33 Books calls his Lunar Eclipse Special Edition of 33 Bottles of Beer “a design idea I feel I’ve probably taken way, way too … Continue reading

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Reviewed: The Beer Bible

The Beer Bible By Jeff Alworth Workman Publishing Once upon a time I was in a restroom chatting with Jeff Alworth. It was a brief washing-your-hands-at-the-same-time conversation about beer, books, and publishing. I’d just finished a book, and Alworth was … Continue reading

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The Clash of Beer Festivals

The Clash of beer festivals, the Great Taste of the Midwest features over 1,000 beers from 150 Midwest breweries. While there are other fests that are larger in size, the Great Taste is quite possibly “only beer fest that matters.” … Continue reading

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