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Reviewed: Methods of Modern Homebrewing

Methods of Modern Homebrewing By Chris Colby Page Street Publishing An experienced homebrewer and writer/editor, Chris Colby probably wrote Methods of Modern Homebrewing in his sleep. He’s one of the few out there that could pull it off. Which he … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Brew Your Business

Brew Your Business By McGrath, Luttrell, Luttrell, and McGrath Rowman & Littlefield (2017) Entitled Brew Your Business, I assumed this “ultimate craft beer playbook” would be a handy guide for those looking to write a business plan and dive into … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition

I’ve played around with dry-hopping whiskey at home, so when Jameson offered to send me a bottle of their Caskmates IPA Edition Whiskey, I couldn’t resist. Aged in barrels which had previously held IPA from a neighboring brewery, this dram … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Against All Hops

Against All Hops: Techniques and Philosophy for Creating Extraordinary Botanical Beers By Butch Heilshorn Page Street Publishing (2017) Judging a book by its cover might allow for this book by Butch Heilshorn to earn an assessment of shirking hops. But … Continue reading

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Time Travel and the Mutability of Paradise

As a kid, it was a real treat when my mom would throw up her hands and exclaim, “Ah, let’s just go to Pee-Wee’s!” This meant she wasn’t cooking dinner, and I’d be afforded a few of life’s simple pleasures: a … Continue reading

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Online Home of J. Wilson, Beer Drinker & Lifestyle Expert

J. Wilson is an award-winning homebrewer, BJCP Certified beer judge and pretty good dad. Blogging about an ideal condition of harmony, beer and joy at brewvana since 2007, Wilson is the author of the 2011 investigation into the origins of … Continue reading

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Small town rivalries

Some of my followers are aware that I’m from rural Iowa. I grew up there, moved away to many places around the country for many years, and eventually returned (sometimes wondering why) a decade ago. Recently, I was chatting with … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Homebrew All-Stars

Homebrew All-Stars By Drew Beechum and Denny Conn Voyageur Press (2016) New to the beer canon on May 1 of this year, Homebrew All-Stars from well-regarded homebrewers Drew Beechum and Denny Conn brings together a wide swath of beer recipes … Continue reading

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Drinking Pants Pageant follow-up

Not gonna lie. Life’s gotten away from me. In an effort to take it back, please indulge the above screen shot (my all-time favorite of my television appearances to date) from this news broadcast about our inaugural #DrinkingPants Pageant on … Continue reading

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Drinking Pants Pageant slated for June 20

The Most Fun You’ll Have With Your Pants On! Along with my comrades at 818: a tiny design empire, I’ve been working hard to bring to life a very special event. Coming to Wooly’s on June 20 during Des Moines Beer Week, … Continue reading

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