Announcing The Session #11–Illuminator

The SessionTime to be thinking about next month’s Session, the brainchild of Stan over at Appellation Beer. I’ll be January’s host, hoping to be the instigator of beer excitement. Pollinator of beer enthusiasm. Elevator of beer appreciation. Detonator of beer discussion.

If you catch my drift, I’m thirsty for a doppelbock.

And there you have it. The Session for Friday, January 4, 2008 will be Doppelbock: the illuminator. I don’t feel like coming up with a bunch of rules and restrictions. I want to learn about doppelbocks, and so the sky’s the limit: write about doppelbocks however you see fit. History, reviews, pairings, pictures, poetry and experiences. All of it.

On that fine day, (1) post your contribution; (2) leave the URL to your post in a comment to my contribution OR send me an email: jwmongrel [AT] yahoo . com. I’ll wrap things up the next day.
Illuminate us.

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